• No Fouling, Highest Efficiency, Self-cleaning

    You will not find this anywhere else

  • Turbulent and Slow Flow 

    For maximum temperature efficiency

  • Easy installation

    and custom dimensions

  • Westcome low_CO2

    Low CO2

    Save energy and CO2


Save Energy and CO2!

The best way to save energy is not using it.
Installing a Westcome Heat Exchanger with high efficiency saves energy and thereby CO2 emision.
Our patented High Viscosity Heat Exchanger has the highest efficiency and the lowest pressure loss among comparable products.

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Multiply your energy effiency.

User testamonials are now avaliable in PDF in English, French and German translations from the download section:


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Heat Exchanger for viscous fluids

The Westcome Heat Exchanger is a patented design, targeted the task of heat exhanging viscous fluids, such as sludge to sludge.

The patented design includes several improvements and have an excellent, field proven, 

record of being both efficient and cleaning and maintenance free.  

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Revolutionary performance

  • High temperature efficiency
  • Low flow rate, forced stirring
  • Low pressure drop
  • No fouling
  • Customized design
  • No maintenance
  • Self-cleaning properties
  • No gaskets
  • No risk of circuit short cuts