• No Fouling, Highest Efficiency, Self-cleaning

    You will not find this anywhere else

  • Turbulent and Slow Flow 

    For maximum temperature efficiency

  • Easy installation

    and custom dimensions

  • Westcome low_CO2

    Low CO2

    Save energy and CO2


Modeling the ways of nature

At Westcome we create new innovative models and seek answers for optimizing energy efficency. This focus enables us to produce the best Heat Exchangers for viscous mass. 

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Multiply your energy effiency.

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A Westcome heatexchanger system is a perfect match for heat pumps.
Due to the high effiency, very low pressure drop, split flow option and easy customization of both size and moduls, an energy effiency of 1:7 up to 1:14 can be expected.  

As Westcome heatexchangers are known to work continiously without scheduled stops for cleaning or maintenance whatsoever, heat pumps for renewing energy from outgoing to ingoing flow are an excellent match and huge energy savings can be achieved.  

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Minimize wasted energy and limit CO2

The Westcome Heat Exchanger is constructed for optimal exhange of heat between 2 medias. The efficiency is very high - even at high temperatures.


The Heat Exchanger will often have a very short return of investment - it will pay back in only 1-2 years.




Our patented solution optimizes Biogas production


  • Enhance Biogas production by 25-50%
  • Dry matter sanitized and substantially reduced
  • No Chemicals used
  • Well tested and documented
  • Outperforms amy other solution on the market

At 80 degrees celsius we let bacteria already present in the material do the job.