What is this?:

This is a heat exchanger, patented design. It is used to recover heat directly from a hot flow to a cold flow, where both flows are  viscosious. (Sludge, manure etc..)

Where is it used:?

It is typically used in biogas systems, where N-gas is produced. In agriculture biogas plants, utilizing manure, food waste etc. or in larger waste water treatment plants, where biogas can be produced.

Also in other applications, where high viscocius matters needs heating/cooling or heat energy regeneration, the heat exchanger has

been successfull installed.

What are the benefits?

- direct heat exchange from hot to cold high viscocius fluids: 

In stead of using a traditional water flow to transfer heat (as for example a pipe in pipe heat exchanger), the heat is transferred directly. As heat is lost for every transfer, direct heat transfer is more efficient, especially at lower temperature differences. 

- slow, forced stirring:

High viscocius fluids traditionally requires high flow rates, because turbulance must be achieved in the flow to secure proper heat transfer. In the patented Westcome heat exchanger, turbulance is achieved by forced stirring, in a square channel, with plates inside. This turbulate the flow, not by flow speed, but by forcing the flow to stir even at flow rates as low as 0,3 m/s.

Therefore power energy (for the pumps) is but a fraction of the power required for traditional heat exchanger types.

- dimensioned to task:

The Westcome heat exchanger is very adaptable to meet specific requirements. As the basic design remains, sizing can be customized easily. As channel size, length, number of channels and work mode (parallel / seriel) can be changed and adapted to meet specific requirements in each installation.

- no maintenance, no cleaning:

Since the first operational heat exchangers installed in 2006, we do have no record of any heat exchanger ever been in need for

regular cleaning.

As the heat exchanger has no sealings, no maintenance is needed.


Who we are:

Westcome heat exchangers is a danish based company, having one main product in our product portfolio:

A high viscosity heat exchanger, developed since 2006, patented and designed specially for sludge from wastewater treatment plants and biomass plants, which utilize or plan to utilize, the gas potential in the digestion process.

Our solution is field proved to be effective in more than one way: No maintenance costs, high thermal effiency working high viscosity fluid, customizeable design, low pressure drop and more.

The heat exchanger is carefully dimensioned for each project and handle flows from 4 m3/h and higher.

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How to proceed:

If you are interested in more detailed information, brochures, articles, and more technical information, papers are available in the download section as PDF.

For specific technical support and information (as referencelist), please contact us by e-mail or phone.