We can save you energy, Co2 emissions and money:

When used as a sludge/sludge heat exchanger (heating cold raw sludge with digested hot sludge), we offer:
Up to 70% heat energy saving in the heating proces, compared to traditional heating.The pay back, ROI periode, is very short, as
our design is delivered as ready to use unit(s), very easy to built in both existing plants / pipesystem and requiring very little space compared to performance.

If your require a pre-calculation of your energy savings and/or a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Who we are:

Westcome heat exchangers is a danish based company, having one main product in our product portfolio:

A high viscosity heat exchanger, developed since 2006, patented and designed specially for sludge from wastewater treatment plants and biomass plants, which utilize or plan to utilize, the gas potential in the digestion process.

Our solution is field proved to be effective in more than one way: No maintenance costs, high thermal effiency working high viscosity fluid, customizeable design, low pressure drop and more.

The heat exchanger is carefully dimensioned for each project and handle flows from 4 m3/h and higher.

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How to proceed:

If you are interested in more detailed information, brochures, articles, and more technical information, papers are available in the download section as PDF.

For specific technical support and information (as referencelist), please contact us by e-mail or phone.